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Fjords recliners are some of the most high quality and dependable recliners on the market today.

Inspired by norwegian nature since 1941

Fjords has designed and manufactured furniture for 70 years. The two brothers Otto and at Mindor Hjellegjerde started it all in the fjord village Sykkylven in Norway.

In 1946, the third brother, Ingvar, joined the business. With a fierce dedication and great skill, the brothers managed to build a business that has become one of the largest furniture companies in Norway. We have grown from a small family business in a basement to what we are today, a company spread over four continents.

Quality and craftsmanship

Through all these years, Fjords has produced comfortable quality furniture based on good craftsmanship and Norwegian design. They are proud that the furniture from Fjords are produced with the same dedication and skill as in 1941. This is why today Fjords recliners are synonymous with high quality and customer satisfaction.


What is it that makes them different from other furniture manufacturers elsewhere in the world? Is it the contrasts landscape that surrounds them, where the endless motion of the ocean meets the strength of the mountains? Or is it the light in Norway – constantly changing – sometimes light, sometimes dark, unable to exist without the other? Both yes and no. The nature around them is robust and what they make is solid. The nature around them is generous – their furniture are made for generous comfort.

Tradition and innovation

The main key to their philosophy, is to find the combination between tradition and innovation, the point where yesterday’s knowledge meets modern technology. This makes them reliable and trustworthy, from product quality to delivery. Just like the ocean, they move constatly towards the goal, and like the mountains they will always have their roots in the past.

It makes them unique.
It makes them Fjords.

Check out our website to see all the great frames from Fjords we carry, and if you interested in seeing more, browse Fjords’ website too see the rest of their lineup that is available via special order.

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